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Subject: Government reelected
Thomas    2/9/2005 8:06:07 AM
The Conservative/Liberal goverment was reelected last night with slightly increased mandate. This should mean that the oppositions "doubts" about the Danish Forces abroad - and particularly in Iraq - are not to any considerable extend shared by the population. To haze our American freinds: The voter turnout was 84,4% - a mediocre result by Danish standards.
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Roman    RE:Government reelected   2/9/2005 8:25:36 AM
This is good news. I hope they keep on course with reforming the immigration policy that has been so disastrous for Europe so far (many people were let in who should never have been let in - this causes needless strains in society that would have been avoided had these people not been 'imported'). Denmark has shown superb leadership on such immigration reform under the Conservative government and I hope you guys keep it up! We need the example so that other European countries might follow your lead.
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Thomas    RE:Government reelected   2/9/2005 9:55:40 AM
Funny thing: One of the populations some are afraid of is member from the former WAPA block. Well to date just a few business oriented cigarette smugglers have used that opportunity. As sto the strict immigration policy: The Radical Left (in reality a center orientated party) won a huge victory on rolling back these immigration laws; but they mainly took votes from other immigration freindly parties. None of the big parties want really want to change the present laws. Funny thing: You cannot get a spouse to Denmark if she/he is under 24. That hits the prime ministers son, that is married to an American. Furthermore: The immigrant youth is against lifting of this rule, as it prevents arranged marriages!
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Roman    RE:Government reelected   2/9/2005 10:15:56 AM
Yep, I have heard of the marriages law. I think it is great as it will help the immigrant youth integrate into Danish society unlike their parents. I am of the firm believe that Europe has let in far too many members of certain group(s) that I will not specify, but you know who they are, ;) and this insanity must stop as soon as possible. Then we need to implement policies to assimilate those that are already here legally (and of course deport those here illegally).
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Thomas    RE:Government reelected   2/9/2005 10:45:03 AM
Another funny thing is: I worked in a nursing home, and some of the best collegues were IMMIGRANTS. They were used to take care of Grandpa - even if he is a bit gaga.. In fact I'm very much for immigrants, if they realise they are not in the country they fled from! And there are many doing a good job, minding their business - they are an addition to our society. What I regret is the thugs that ruin the possibilities for the decent immigrants! But the criminal hooligans that abound (80% of crimes committed in Copenhagen is done by 2. generation immigrants!) - let get rid of them. The inside of a turkish prison is not a fine place! I only wish they would take some of the etnic danish criminals as well!
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Clausewitz    RE:Government reelected   2/9/2005 11:30:51 AM
Congratulations from a german conservative. Thats really good news for Europe after the spanish desaster. Speaking out honest clear words and don't back down if the liberal media and the political correct establishment attacks you will alway prevail.
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Thomas    Clausewitz    2/10/2005 3:38:15 AM
Thank You to a "Black" German! It is more interesting than that! The Chairman of the socialdemocrats is stepping down - and he is center left inside the SPD. The Left in SPD is smelling blood and forwarding Frank Jensen; but that is apparently a no go, and the right in SPD and the Unions try to get Henrik Dam Christensen (now in the EU-parliament) forward: He is a strange politician: A mailman (Briefzusteller) with no particular education, was competent as minister, right wing and possibly not interested. He would be able to get some voters back from the ekstreme right. My Guess: The former secretary of defence: Hans Hækkerup! He is currently not in the race at all - not even in parliament; but has no blodd on his hands - and is right wing! Whichever way: The right inside the SPD has been strengthend! A bad omen for Schröder!
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Tercio    Thomas   2/10/2005 6:35:42 AM
Congratulations, what else can I say?. Tercio
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Thomas    RE:Thomas   2/10/2005 10:18:17 AM
Well the rot got to stop somewhere!
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Clausewitz    RE:Thomas   2/10/2005 11:50:18 AM
The german conservatives got no convincing leadership in the moment. Thats sad. But the danish developments will contribute to a decline of the german left I would be happy. Maybe the left will loose the state-elections in Schleswig-Holstein (the state at the border to Denmark) some weeks ahead now. If the German Social Democrats got their rightwing leadership back (like the now 80 year old former german cancellor Helmut Schmidt; now in his 80ies), it would be good for our country and for Europe.
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Thomas    Clausewitz    2/11/2005 5:26:42 AM
As far as I recall the SPD lost Kiel 2 years ago in the local elections, something they never thought possible. I agree very much with You that we need a left side with realistic attitudes. Germany needs a strong SPD, because the workfoce has other interests (at least in the short term) than other groups, and these interest need competent representation - otherwise we get the present chaos, where the unions stick to their old achievements and just see jobs exported. Denmark (and Europe) needs a disciplined, effective and well-paid German workforce to buy our cheap and good quality hams plus export a lot of stuff to be transported on our ships. The French love the present bickering in the German SPD and union system, as if the German workers got down to their usual bonebreaking workachievement, french economy would outcompeted. The strange fact is: Nobody whishes a strong workers movement more than a conservative: Because it gives him someone to do a deal with.
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