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Subject: Danish ATC training
Weasel    10/10/2005 9:12:26 PM
So, is it true that budding young Danish ATC's (Air Traffic Controllers) get something like an "air force appreciation" course as part of their training? I had a Danish friend who would not shut up about how great it was to fly in the rear seat of an F-16. In fact, I think he dumped the ATC course and joined up, as a result. So maybe it is not such a good idea if they need ATC's. ;)
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:Danish ATC training   10/12/2005 8:15:53 AM
If it is a civilian ATC course, then I think it very unlikely with these 'Air force appreciation tours.' Dunno with the military. I'll see if I can find out anything, but it will take some time.
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Weasel    RE:Danish ATC training   10/12/2005 10:25:12 AM
hey thanks
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Thomas3    RE:Danish ATC training   10/15/2005 7:59:11 PM
If the controller are military, they are very often pilots or rocket ops officers that for one reason or the other has stopped in their original line. There was one ATC with a gammy leg after leaving a Meteor the regulation way in an emergency - like all the others he hit the elevator.
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