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Subject: King Zog Returns
SYSOP    12/20/2012 5:19:40 AM
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trenchsol       12/20/2012 12:53:28 PM
As opposite to Greece, Croatia recently received credit rating downgrade. Structural and fiscal weaknesses were cited as reason. Although it would probably cost me personally, I can't say I am sorry. It was not a slap but punch in the face of those who insisted on state managing everything, disproportion between income and spendings and rigid labor market.
Because state interferes with everything, the number of government employees is huge, and it costs are enormous. Unlike private sector, public servants are almost impossible to get fired. Ridiculous is that, whenever government made weak attempt to reduce their rights, everybody was against at, although it is clear that private and public employees have opposed interests, and public employees are sucking life out of rest of the nation. Also nobody understands simple truth that if you can fire no one, nobody would ever want to employ anyone.
Whenever government makes faint attempt to balance costs, there is an uproar by those who cite 'development'  as a reason. Well, I am waiting to see that 'development' all my life, and nothing yet.
The truth is that country has seen some rough times because corrupt government conducted privatization in wrong manner, resulting in some sound businesses getting ruined. It was followed by loss of employment as well. All of that resulted in anti business and anti enterprise climate.
Government is hoping for foreign investments but the taxes and costs are still high and nobody is going to invest anything. Government is issuing moronic statements how it adjusted regulations and laws to make investors life easier. What is worth if you can register your business quickly, if you can't make any income because of high costs ?
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WarNerd       12/21/2012 4:45:13 AM
They downgraded Croatia to a BB-, still a grade above Greece's B+.  And Greece's upgrade was only provisional based on their being kept disapplined by the rest of the EU.
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