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Subject: HOUSE OF GRAFT: Tracing the Bhutto Millions
yojimbo    12/29/2007 3:28:29 PM
HOUSE OF GRAFT: Tracing the Bhutto Millions Background on Benazir Bhutto from a 1998 NY Times article: Starting from a cache of Bhutto family documents bought for $1 million from a shadowy intermediary, the investigators have detailed a pattern of secret payments by foreign companies that sought favors during Ms. Bhutto''s two terms as Prime Minister. The documents leave uncertain the degree of involvement by Ms. Bhutto, a Harvard graduate whose rise to power in 1988 made her the first woman to lead a Muslim country. But they trace the pervasive role of her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, who turned his marriage to Ms. Bhutto into a source of virtually unchallengeable power.
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