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Subject: New Middle East Blog setup by Harvard Professors
swhitebull    12/29/2007 3:05:43 AM
New Middle East Blog setup by Harvard Professors Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH) [Michael Rubin, National Review] This week Pakistan, last week Iran, every week Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority: the Middle East remains a chief concern of U.S. foreign policy. Stephen Rosen and Martin Kramer, both professors affiliated with Harvard''s Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, have put together a great new ''expert'' blog in which academics and policy specialists discuss both events and long-term trends and strategy in the Middle East. It may be worth taking a look and bookmarking. Here. (Full disclosure: Both Rosen and Kramer are senior advisers with the Giuliani campaign in which I''m a peon. MESH has nothing to do with the campaign, though, or any partisan position; it includes professors and policymakers approaching issues from a wide-range of views and with a wide-range of backgrounds). swhitebull - looks like a winner
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