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Subject: Laptops for the Wounded.
Al-Nofi    4/12/2007 6:48:26 PM
Laptops for the Wounded. Laptops for the Wounded is a non-profit organization providing laptop computers with webcams to hospitals for the use of recovering wounded military personnel, to help them maintain contact with family members and friends who cannot be with them.
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WyoArmyMom    Thx for the blog!!!   5/18/2007 11:38:55 AM
Hey Al-Nofi 
Thanks for posting the info on Laptops for the Wounded (LFTW). I am Laura, the Fndr/Dir of LFTW. We've had a great response with a great deal of exposure  - very  much due to people like this page keeping it "alive". We have great plans for the not to distant future. But we continue to be in need of further donations since we now have several other military med facilities asking if we can help them and we want to help as many as we can. Even with donated laptops it costs at least $100-200 to get them reconditioned, add the webcam, ship etc. We also have been donated GPS tracking software to help track down any which "grow legs" if reported missing; great donation to help pull it all together. We also have been provided some visual impairment equipment to put on some of them - we put it on about 1/4 to 1/3 of the lappys we send out. We are working with 3 of the 4 polytrauma units in the US and a few other facilities. It has been a great explosion but now we are looking for an H-bomb type explosion (lappys just aren't cheap and we need to do all we can for these brave warriors!!!!
Thanks so much again for posting about LFTW!!! 
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