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Subject: A Strategy for the Long War
polemarch    1/6/2007 1:16:37 PM
A Strategy for the Long War A Strategy for winning the war on terror centered on "Divide and Conqueor" and Information Warfare.
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Jeff_F_F       1/8/2007 12:14:38 PM
Brilliant and insigtful article. Unfortunately, the solution it offers is among the hardest things to implement on any scale--whether the scale is that of an individual or a society: integrity. To be honest with yourself and with others. To act without illusions and without projecting illusions. To understand the world as a harsh cruel place. To understand oneself as no different than that world. To free oneself of the belief that one is not selfish, that one is perfectly honorable and thus to gain honor and to be unselfish. Unfortunately both sides within our political process like their own illusions very much. I fear that this will be very hard to implement, but perhaps among the most vital things that we as a nation can hope to achieve.
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