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Subject: NYMAS Roundtable, Friday, 22 Sept: "Wargaming: A Critical Analysis"
Al-Nofi    9/20/2006 6:37:58 PM
NYMAS Roundtable, Friday, 22 Sept: "Wargaming: A Critical Analysis" On Friday, 22 September, NYMAS is sponsoring a roundtable discussion by a distinguished group of wargaming professionals, on the theme "Wargaming: A Critical Analysis." Participats include James Delson, of the Toy Soldier Company, Michael Kilbert, of The Compleat Strategist, Ed Halter, author of FROM SUN TZU TO XBOX:War and Video Games, and Steve Rawlings, designer of Against The Odds. The discussion, which will be moderated by Jim Dingeman, NYMAS member and veteran gamer, will include Q@A from the audience. NYMAS Lectures, which are free to the public, are held at the CUNY Graduate Center, on Fifth Avenue at 34th Street. They begin at 7:00 pm and last about two hours.
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