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Subject: Israel returns Hassan Nasrallah to Lebanon
Ael    8/22/2006 10:13:40 AM
Israel returns Hassan Nasrallah to Lebanon On August 1, Israel raided Baalbek and claimed to have captured 5 Hezbollah fighters. Israel just returned them to the U.N. I guess earlier reports that they had captured Hassan Nasrallah (a local grocery store owner and no relation to the other Nasrallah) turned out to be true.
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underdog    RE:Israel returns Hassan Nasrallah to Lebanon   8/22/2006 10:23:19 AM
As facts begin to emerge, the elite and world-acclaimed Israeli Special Forces are beginning to look more and more like the Keystone Kops. I wonder how much torture it required to extract Nasrallah's shop inventory?
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