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Subject: For Soldiers' Appetites, Reinforcements
Al-Nofi    5/31/2006 10:04:25 AM
For Soldiers' Appetites, Reinforcements For Soldiers' Appetites, Reinforcements EVERY week, Merry Debbrecht pulls about 1,200 cookies out of her electric range in Rose Hill, Kan. She packs them a dozen at a time in Ziploc bags, fills a postal box and sends them to war. Mrs. Debbrecht's care packages, born of a grandmotherly caring for the young soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, are not much different from the ones that have long made their way to battlefields. But now, the troops who receive Mrs. Debbrecht's cookies request them through a Web site called, and send her thank-you notes via e-mail. Balance of article at
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