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Subject: Soviet Air Force
Kuprin    3/30/2006 11:00:05 AM
Soviet Air Force showcases original paintings of famous and unique jet aircraft of the USSR. Bombers, fighters, interceptors, and even the Caspian Sea Monster ground-effect craft are included. The artwork originates from the first Armenian Aviation Art Project, dedicated to providing work for native Armenian artists, and to introduce them to the exciting genre of aviation art. Aircraft featured include: the M-50 Bounder supersonic bomber, Yak-25RV spy plane, Tu-105 medium bomber variants, the Lun "Caspian Sea Monster" Ekranoplane, M-67 and DBS-LK Flying Wings, the Thunderbird 2-like M-12, the Mig-701 and Sukhoi P-1 interceptors, as well as the powerful Mig-29 and Mig-31 jet aircraft. Each painting is accompanied by historical facts about the featured planes.
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