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Subject: NORAD Keeps Santa In Its Sights
Al-Nofi    12/23/2005 2:10:29 PM
NORAD Keeps Santa In Its Sights NORAD Keeps Santa In Its Sights AMERICAN FORCES PRESS SERVICE USA - The North American Aerospace Defense Command is observing the 50th anniversary of tracking Santa Claus on his annual rounds, reports the American Forces Press Service. The tradition of tracking Santa began in 1955, when a typo in a newspaper advertisement directed children who were trying to call Santa to Air Force Col. Harry Shoup of the Continental Air Defense Command at Cheyenne Mountain. Last Christmas Eve, volunteers at Cheyenne Mountain answered nearly 55,000 phone calls and 35,000 emails from children around the world. NORAD volunteers tracking Santa, mostly U.S. and Canadian military personnel, will answer calls from 4 a.m. EST Dec. 24 to 4 a.m. EST Dec. 25 at (877) HiNORAD -- (877) 446-6723 -- toll-free in the United States; or at (719) 474-2111.
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