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Subject: More Mugabe Madness
Burke G Sheppard    8/17/2005 1:56:00 PM
More Mugabe Madness After destroying the homes of 700,000 people, Robert Mugabe asks the UN for aid - in building houses for the homeless.
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Gevil    RE: More Mugabe Madness   8/24/2005 6:09:51 AM
Totally insane isn't it. When will crazy uncle Bob take the final step down and feed the earth seeing as he has been raping it for so many years. I just read an article on the tube's metro newspaper this morning about Zimababwe, I can't find a link so I'll type it out here: Nine out of ten white people have left the country since Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980, a state census has revealed. Fewer than 30 000 are thought to remain, with about 270 000, having been forced out by the president's policy of land redistribution. The programme, which hands white-ownded farms to black people, and years of drought have crippled the economy. Nearly 9million people, three-quarters of the population, are jobless and a third of the country - once known as "Africa's breadbasket" - is starving. Now I remember the time when if you came from zimbabwe it used to be a good thing, people had food , the economy was stable and everyone generally got on, there wasn't any apartheid as in South Africa so resentment from the black population towards the whites wasn't the same. Forward through to today, people are starving, why are they starving? Well there is a simple rule to a civilisation, make sure people can eat. If you go and give land people who can't farm and turn farm land into desert, it will only take a few years for their to be serious problems with the food supply. There were many droughts in the 60s / 70s and 80s, people never starved then, why? Well the farmers knew what they were doing, african farmers can farm using subsistence techniques but anything on a huge agricultural scale is a skill set they have not yet acquired and therefore need to protect the white farmes who feed the entire country. Places like Nigeria and Zambia have realised this and have given land to farmers from Zimbabwe, they know within a few years 1000s of people will be employed and food will be available for everyone, I guess they have a vision, something old Bob clearly does not.
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