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Subject: The Future of Armored Warfare?
DarthAmerica    7/13/2005 1:52:55 PM
The Future of Armored Warfare? This is a simply awesome project. This guy should be given some recognition and maybe even a job in an AGENCY like DARPA. No way we should let a talented guy like this slip through the cracks. Go Army!!!
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TrustButVerify    RE:The Future of Armored Warfare?    7/23/2005 9:56:57 AM
One thing that hasn't been explained to me is just why a large mech is better than existing AFV designs. You go up in mobility- maybe. You go down in survivability, maintainability, concealability, and firepower. I DO think some sort of, well, "gorilla suit" (with a bow to Heinlein and Tony Stark) is the future of infantry combat. I DON'T think mecha in the style of Robotech/Battletech are the sucessor for FCS.
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