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Subject: Fragmented Fighting Facts Part I
newjarheaddean    11/10/2010 8:47:14 PM
AHOY, I have omitted my original Preface, due to the fact I’m sure it would cause more anger than necessary to offer my military knowledge. The Preface original is available on the web. However I’m not looking to make emotional waves here. much of Mr. Dunnigan's work well be found within Tri-F, i'm sure it will be recognized by any who know this mans work. THANK YOU SIR. i apologies for the pour format my copy is highlighted and i've made more use of text styles etc. i'll try to learn more before part two. here i especially like my Part D, patrol order/call sign/shackle sheet organization, hell gints lets wargame this out i'll be bad actor. here we go... Preface Last updated 11/10/10 This is my collection of combat notes. One might call it an anthology of combat methods, skills or techniques. The note taking began about thirty years ago, with a list of rules within a book covering the French and Indian wars entitled Roger’s Rangers. The preceding sources were approximately one hundred books and a half a dozen or so military manuals (including a few WWII era) found at libraries, half price bookstores, garage sales etc. I also was an astute observer and note taker during movies and conversation. I realized at one point that if one watches movies for the most part, from the perspective of what not to do in reality, along with some deductive reasoning can produce rules to fallow too. Out of all the information contained within this work, only about 1 % of it was taught to me in the Corps. And just to put a fine point on it, remember, I was in an infantry unit (Charlie Company, First Marine Division, Fifth Marines). Before my discharge I attended, jungle warfare training in the northern training area of Okinawa, Mountain warfare Korea, Combat town for MOUT training Camp Pendleton. I did not get any amphibious training or go to Twenty-nine palms for desert warfare training. Therefore, besides any beach landings or riding around in the desert, IMO the only thing I miss out on was just more of the same which had not impressed me. With Tri-F only a few acronyms, and or phrases listed are in the order in which they were discovered. Quotes I would say have all been paraphrased. My main effort was to edit out all repeat i.e. filibuster and provide the warrior with a simple to the point manual. I’ve now titled my work the Fragmented Fighting Facts or Tri-F. Due to the spell checker function always alerting me to the fragmented nature of my sentences. This was due to the “just the facts ma’am”, manor the martial is written i.e. there has been little if any care taken to write in whole sentences or provide context. This is not to say there is no order with Tri-F, in fact there is a theme. I have laid out the information as one might expect a commander and or the members of a unit, to recall it in order to conduit a mission. Keeping in mind my original thoughts where that Defense should be first, due to the fact a unit needs to be secure somewhere before it can go somewhere. However, I reasoned having well educated leaders for planning was the basis of everything, and one of the main reasons for sitting up in the defense is so one can make plans. So we start with Planning, then there’s the Defensive section fallowed by Preparations and Conduit of Patrols (PCP) and we end with Conduit of Engagements (COE) i.e. engagements being my term for shoot outs. Each section consists of basic numbered rules, fallowed by detailed notes that either relate to, explain or give examples pertaining to the basic rule. As with the general theme each section is laid out as one might need to recall it. This is most obvious in the last section (COE) starting with rule # 1 Flash report; i.e. your conduct after spotting or during contact with the enemy and ending with POW tactics. Keep in mind this is a work in progress; I’m constantly discovering information to add which in turn many times requires rearranging things. However, I have found no need to rearrange the basic rules in years. I plan on providing a “last updated note” at the top of every section and numbered rule so patriots can fallow the progress with out having to read Tri-F in it’s entirety each time. QUALIFYING SUMMERY Last updated 02/10/09 I am aware that some of this information may no longer apply, however I feel commonsense can determine if the rule, suggestion or data would no longer hold up. I do not claim that all things stated in Tri-F are indeed facts, and should be fallowed like a gospel Hence the three golden rules (My original ideas mentioned right after Tri-F title). I in fact admit you well find errors, especially with the numerical data or formulas. I do not have the math skills to double check them. Note; I felt a quick reference to studying would be helpful in making the most of your time and effort in learning Tri-F. Last updated 04/01/09 Studying: Setting: 1) Study in familiar area on regular basis. 2) Study i
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newjarheaddean    heraldabc   2/11/2011 11:10:43 AM



I recently found a member with the call sign (heraldabc) posting the fallowing about me.



NJH is flying under false colors and he is not completely rational. Heorot and I agree on few things, but we both agree on this, that Newjarheadean has his lid screwed on so tight, that's its misthreaded.



First of all heraldabc the initials for my call sign would be NJD as in Dean i.e. teaching the Corp the old John Wayne ways, that IMO are being used by the Taliban and others to fight this Buck Rogers little army gang, aka the U.S. Marine corps. I can say that because I am a U.S. Marine. And like the old joke I?m much more dangerous because unlike an active duty Marine I have no one telling me what to do any more LOL. I was born as they say or earned my title back in 1982 at MCRD San Diego Ca.


I also noticed you used the capital (N) and single (D) spelling too.


I don?t bother researching everything about other members or trying to find every little fault to point out, like it appears you do. And you must be just talking out your stern, when it comes to me, due to the fact if you had read anything on my blog you would know I?m not holding back on anything, except my name.




I well say this about my blog, there is a list of my post that shows how many times the post has been read, and some of the best according to me do not show that they have been read. Maybe my blog is being filtered like I have been suggesting.


So let me suggest something to you and all members here, that may have recently found common ground based on your little ?official revealed facts? world being shattered by me. And that is that you can?t find anyone else on the entire so called wild, wild, west, internet that has provided the info I have, not even on the so called terrorist sites imo disinformation sites.


As for you I find it odd that someone who apparently knows so much about so many subjects never has mentioned (that I?ve read) serving in the armed forces yourself. It makes me wonder if your just good at Googleing up things. Maybe abc is used because you?re a small group of people.


I am for real, bub, and always tell the truth about myself and the world I see, even when it hurts. THERE IS NOTHING FALSE ABOUT ME. But go ahead and join the masses that have been trying to put me under for 27 years. And keep claiming you support the troops as you watch them load up in the armored volt to go on another Russian roulette parade. 


?I well bet my lucky star?



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