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Subject: Sunnis Minimized
SYSOP    7/10/2018 5:23:14 AM
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violentnuke       7/11/2018 8:49:56 PM
Iran and Russia regularly target SUnni civilians so as to create waves of refugees to Europe. Assad is responsible for killing about 10 times the amount of civilians ISIS killed.
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trenchsol       7/12/2018 5:27:51 AM
It has occurred in the past that some regime starts to believe its own propaganda, setting an unrealistic goals as a result of it. Some circles in Tehran might believe that attacking Israel might make them champions and even leaders of all Islam. They might be counting on Hamas, PIJ, PFLP and even Fatah to join them. However, Isreal has been in much more serious situations at least twice, in 1948 and 1973. Everyone knows how that ended. As far as Palestinians and Iranians are concerned, both have proven to be a threat Arab neighbors. Palestinians have caused major crisis in Jordan and Lebanon in the past. Iran has been supporting major genocide against Sunni Arabs in Syria and Iran and trying to bring down the government in Yemen. It is not very likely that general Arab population would accept them as leader nation anytime soon. However, the whole thing might be a deception, distraction. Iranian main goal might be overtaking Iraq, while everyone else is watching Israel - Syrian border. Pro Iranian forces has become part of the government and have major influence over military and security forces. Iranians might need just a little push to get the job done.
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