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Subject: Allies, Foes, Frenemies and Chimeras
SYSOP    3/8/2018 5:51:18 AM
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trenchsol       3/8/2018 11:54:57 AM
Few remarks. Those 2 Su-57's appeared few days after February 7th operation, when regime lost big time. During the operation 2 pairs of F-22 were providing air-to-air, if necessary. The lack of air support for regime might have been due to those fighters. Those Su-57's might have arrived to repair the damage to regime troops morale. Russian mercenaries from Wagner Group are formally under Syrian chain of command. The surviving members seem to be the ones who attracted media attention, claimed that they were "left high and dry". Russia can't claim them as its own, because it denies that form of involvement.
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