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Subject: Fatigue And Bad Weather Slow Down Fighting
SYSOP    2/5/2013 5:21:38 AM
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bikebrains       2/5/2013 12:04:54 PM
"Most Syrians hate the Assads more than the Israelis"   Mr and Mrs Assad should consider the following picture when they plan their future actions:     Benito Mussolini Hung Upside-d... 
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flintguy49    Why the Fear?   2/5/2013 12:05:45 PM
I guess Im a little confused as to the reason for the strikes?  The vaulted Russian air defense system cant seem to keep Israeli fighter planes from doing loop de loops over Damascus.   What am I missing here?
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TonoFonseca    Islamist lobby   2/5/2013 2:10:39 PM

"Many in the West have come to consider anti-Israeli terrorism as acceptable (as righteous resistance to Israeli oppression of the Palestinians and other Arabs). Most Western counter-terror organizations know better, but in places like Europe it’s become more acceptable to hate Israel and support those that do that with terrorism."

It's called the Islamist lobby.  As the Muslim population of a country grows, the more influence they will have, and they will use that influence to coerce the country and the culture to take up their own causes.  Those who resist face a lot of trouble.

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