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Subject: RPG-7 vs. M3 Carl Gustav    7/20/2002 3:56:44 AM
The counterpart to the RPG-7 could (for well-financed armies) be the M3 Carl Gustav. There''s a electronic time-fuzed frag warhead for it available, and effective range for it is about 1km. The launcher weight (even with LRF) is good - a the length of litle more than one metre!
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:RPG-7 vs. M3 Carl Gustav   7/22/2002 1:20:43 PM
has anyone ever just put two tennis-ball cans tape toghter and some lighter-fluid with a rubber ball, WOW, and it's cheaper than a 120mm plus because it's cheaper you can have more training training good not training bad........or you take two old inter tube's (new one's cost to much!!)and a patch of leather ,,,big time sling-shot and with all the money you save on lighter-fluid,(change the rubber-ball to a rock,(mil-spec only please) and you save even more,it all comes down to training no matter what you use, and if you say i'm wrong i'll just type REAL-loud and not answer any question's streight forward until you think i'm right.....must go train now...........
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