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Subject: Re Field artillery
Vark    6/10/2002 7:31:21 AM
Too true. In the Falklands Conflict (legally not a war!!) the Paras moving up for the Goose Green assault not only had to carry all their own kit but a 100 rnd belt for the GPMG''s and two 81mm Mortar bombs each. The crews still managed to fire most of these off very quickly requiring an abandoned Argentian Landrover to pressed into the ammo taxi role. Rus has some very good comments about the advantages of mortars in their discussion board section. Basically with an average 70 degree impact angle and thinner projectile walls ,ie more HE per pound weight, coupled with high ROF the system is considerably more effective than indirect Gun HE on exposed troops. Oh and don''t forget the tree burst effects as well........Swede
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