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Subject: Arty Fading?
Redleg    6/2/2002 10:03:22 PM
I would say know, because even without smart munitions with accurarte MET data a 155mm arty shell will land within 50m of where it is intented and with a 50m kill radious that is good enough. In addition it is much more flexiable. ie it takes much longer for a warplane to target the same target. The one exception is fast moving armoured warfare, the SP arty and even the MLRS can't provide contionous fire support. I don't see arty going away for a long long time. It still is the greatest killer on a battlefield.
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Pete S    RE:Arty Fading?   6/3/2002 3:48:36 AM
I hope that the lesson won't have to be relearned in blood.
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Pete S    RE:Arty Fading?   6/3/2002 4:24:09 AM
Another thought; during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israeli air power was effectively neutralized by heavy, state-of-the-art AAA. Israel was almost totally dependent on its air- power to negate the numerical superiority of its opponents. When the air force went after the Arab ground forces, the AAA caused very heavy losses. Not until tube artillery was used to suppress the AAA, could air power be brought to bear on the battlefield. The application of combined arms was what turned the war in Israel's favor.
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