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Subject: Role of Artillery
Redleg    5/20/2002 8:36:03 AM
What must not be lost in all the oohing and aahing over GPS bombs and the great job that our friends in the AF are doing is that they cannot replace tube FA. Can a GPS bomb be as accurate or more accurate than a tube fired projectile? Absolutely, unless somebody decides to jam the GPS signal or take out the satelites (neither of which are hard to do, though the second is pretty expensive) Is the AF doing a great job in Afghanistan/did they do a great job in the Balkans? Again, absolutely. Similarly, they did well in DS. What's the commonality? Air superiority. What happens in a scenario where we don't have air superiority? If we rely too much on air power, maneuver is naked in so far as fire support is concerned. Consider also all-weather capabilites and responsiveness. Could the North Koreans attack during a blizzard? What happens when nobody can fly? Or, in any situation, what happens when the CAS is bingo fuel, and the maneuver commander just ran into an ambush and needs more covering fire than his organic mortars can provide? Clearly, the Interim and Legacy forces need something besides Paladin and MLRS. Is it Crusader? IMHO, no. I think we should purchase something off the shelf, like the South African guns cited above, to give maneuver the fire support it deserves, while putting our money into R&D to develop the next generation of gun (rail guns, smart ammo, etc..)
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Pete S    RE:Role of Artillery   5/20/2002 3:38:33 PM
Now Redleg, you should be ashamed of youreself. You just may hurt the self-esteem of all those caring, sensitive video-game types with such crudeness as common sense and reality. That's just not nice, don't you know?
Quote    Reply    RE:Role of Artillery   5/21/2002 6:19:42 PM
hey buddy this is not the place for real problem solving and making sense, you keep that up and the eruo-gang will be all over your have to be more understanding and have feelings for the other nations arty,not what saves lives works and can be done in a real world context......i think you should go back to your yoga leasson's and learn to feel more and come up with the right answer's less(i just bet you eat steak, and drink beer).....well i'm sorry to be so rough on you but you must learn to dumb it down........Happy day's Allan............... ps SWEDE haven't heard that one in a while"tank at the end of a runway" great stuff........
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Dployd    RE:Role of Artillery   1/22/2003 8:08:23 AM
I think the responsiveness of the tube arty and the all weather conditions capabilities are your best arguments. Surely the US has the capability to win the EW fight in the vast majority of the situations we'll face. But I wonder about the tube vs. rocket question. Surely rocket can eventually replace tube arty with a little help from the mortars to cover the close fight. I would be sad to see tube go but it makes sense to me.
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jlb    RE: rockets vs tubes   1/22/2003 12:01:40 PM
I think rockets will eventually replace tubes too. If you're looking for precision, it's much easier to put a guidance system on a rocket than on a shell. If you're looking for saturation, the matter's been resolved for decades IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO FIRE ALL DAY. The only place left for tubes is if you need to fire lots of ammo with only average precision. over a prolonged time. Tubes are (very) expensive but if you need only basic HE shells the ammo is much less expensive than rockets. It's a bit similar to railroad vs trucks: trucks are more flexible and require less initial investment, but for protracted heavy-duty service railroads are cheaper. Of course, there doesn't seem to be much heavy-duty protracted fighting in the offing for the USA...
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