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Subject: What makes an artillery piece good?
ilpars    3/25/2004 1:43:15 AM
I can guess that range, hitting power are essential but I like to know what are other important issue.
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Mark F    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   3/25/2004 10:08:17 AM
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jofredes    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   3/25/2004 2:38:24 PM
Aiming devices Methods/techniques for directing fire?
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PuckaMan    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   3/25/2004 4:00:36 PM
Crew friendliness - the most powerful and accurate howitzer isn't that effective if the crew find it difficult to operate under battle conditions. Pucka
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IsoT    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   3/27/2004 10:35:44 AM
Range, shell weight, mechanical accuracy and reliability. and as was pointed out HANDLING when you lug around 10ton gun with 8 guys the handling needs to be good. In SP response times from stop to fire to move. and as they usually are howitzers the range is not that good. and as for the hitting power.. Pretty much any gun will propell a grenade at about 950m/s and that is a 45kg grenade. That is awfully lot of Joules, and then the 10kgs of HE go off.. I don't care in which tank you are in when you get hit by it it hurts. (if tanks are about to overrun gun positions, you don't nicely take the grenade off the tube, you fire it away and then slam an AP in. If you hit with the first round then tank will be in bad shape anyhow and then you hit home with an AP. if not the awfully loud BOOOM in near visinity usually scares the out of tankers anyhow.)
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scholar    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   7/16/2004 7:52:51 PM
This is an old thread, but what's an AP?
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neutralizer    RE:What makes an artillery piece good?   7/25/2004 1:55:58 AM
It depends on what you value and how you differentially weight those values. And values depend on perspective, a corps artillery comd has a dfferent perspective to an infantry battalion comd has a differnt one to a member of a gun detachment. All are valid but probably somewhat different. If everyone everywhere shared the same values then all guns might be much the same with a single evolutionary thread reflecting improvements in technology. It also depends where you draw the boundary, the gun itself, plus its ammo, plus the technical fire control system, plus the tactical fire control system, plus artillery logistics, plus artillery doctrine? Take your pick. A gun in isolation has almost no military value because it is inherently part of a greater system. That system may mean little to the gun detachment but a great deal to those further up the food chain. The other side of the coin is that what might be required of a gun or any part of the wider system depends on the nature of operations, where they take place not to mention national doctrine, strategy, operational art, tactics, 'way of warfare', circumstances, etc which are all part of the system.
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