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Subject: Naval Gunfire Support
Vark    5/11/2002 7:34:20 PM
Pete sounds like the DD-21 class, 1st ship USS-Zumwalt to be launched in 2008 (projected!). In 1998 the decision was made to leverage existing Crusader tech for the DD-21 to create a fire support system with 100NM and 12 rds a minute. Go to FAS website it has a very detailed section on the DD-21 concept/history under US Naval Ships section doh! I think some of the conceptual artists have been watching too much Star Trek the Next Gen. though!...Swede
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nakito    RE:Naval Gunfire Support   5/11/2002 10:47:54 PM
DD-21 got canned... Regarding arty support, besides mismanegment, Crusader got canned because some of the heads thought that the air force with PGMs could do the job of tubes...! Oddly enough most officers that don't deal dirrectly with artillery (grunt and tankers, etc) don't have too much of problem thinking that rockets should be able to handle the slack. However every red leg and FO you talk to is...angry with Mr. Rumsfeld to say the least.
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Vark    RE:DD(X) Basic training and red legs?   5/12/2002 5:58:48 AM
True DD-21 is now DD(X) but the change was to "more accurately reflect the purpose of the programme" to create a new family of advanced surface combatants and not a single class of vessel. Existing weapon/sensor/propulsion technologies dev for DD-(21) is to be incorporated into the DD(X)so its name has changed but the programme continues. I can't believe non artillerists don't understand the differences between air support and artillery support. If it is the case, scrap all high tech wonder weapons and spend the money on improving the armed forces training, especially weapon roles capabilities and LIMITATIONS and inter-service arm relationships. As CB would say "Good grief"................Swede p.s. I understand alot or respondents are US oriented but could people please understand some of us poor Euro readers are not 100% proficient in US army slang speak! What is a red leg pray tell?
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