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Subject: more techno on precision artillery advancements (or any gun-fired munitions)
doggtag    9/27/2010 10:40:06 AM
Love this kind of stuff... more on the XM1156 Precision Guidance Kit, circa 12-13 May 2010 ( ) Adaptive Guidance development over the years, and where it could go next... ( ) (Ick, the biggest gripe I have at any of the DTIC.Mil articles and presentations is that, although the seminars are PowerPoint intensive, things get saved to their website in pdf format too many times, and we lose the ability to see all the video coolness...) Especialy in the second link, we can see how PGM development has been progressing, and judging by past successes (how successful does a program have to be to warrant even low rate production?), this is one more beef I have with the defense industry in general as to why is it taking so long to get higher precision systems (at least, higher accuracy than what unguided munitions give us) into usable field service, be it for tanks and AFVs, artillery from land- or sea-based platforms, and even more small-form lightweight air-launched munitions... Still, despite all my biases, sarcasm, and lack of faith in several aspects, I do still maintain at least some shread of hope that, if we can get to this point, surely it can't be much longer before we can take it so much further (guided autocannon rounds, artillery shells with +/- 5m precision at any range, etc). $.02
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stonefort       12/11/2010 2:57:32 PM
I love this stuff, too. Good to see the PGK making progress and hopefully precision mortars will be here soon. On that Barrett pdf, good to see, but when I try to find more info on what he talks about, I mainly just find more stuff by the same guy given at previous conferences. I'd be more confident these amazing advances were coming if I saw more than one academic talking about them.
In my time of reading mil-tech tea leaves ... the odds of the weapon actually being produced in the real world seem best when it's an industry presenter, then a military presenter, and lastly an academic presenter. When the ATK R&D guys talks about PGK, for example, we know a real company with a real engineering team is spending real money trying to solve the problem so they can produce it and make a profit. An academic often just wants some more grant money to come up with more cool ideas.
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