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Subject: British Army Artillery units in Burma & Nepal during WW2    4/13/2001 4:26:11 PM
I am trying to find information on British Army Artillery units in Burma and Nepal during WW2, including lists of personnel if possible. Can anyone help please ? Thank you. BRG
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Barnesboy    RA in Burma   10/26/2011 8:56:43 PM
My Father was in Burma during WW2 and was with a Bofors gun Batery...the RA. Anti tank/Anti aircraft....88th batery..24th regiment 17th division . No 4 corps. He was in Places such as Kohima, Imphal, Poonah, Dimapoor, Mektila
 I'm not sure that they are all spelled correctly, a good source of info is the Burma Star Assn in the UK. They may still have surviving members of RA units that served in Burma, Good Luck .
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bill tomlin    bill tomlin   10/31/2011 4:09:07 PM

My father was in the 136th(1st West Lancashire) field Regiment  Royal Artillery Corporal Fred Noble (Tarzan) I am trying to find out more about them
i think your dad was a good friend of mine. was he in  500 dads name was bill .email me if you want
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bill tomlin    bill tomli   10/31/2011 5:19:04 PM

My father was in the 136th West Lancashier Field Regiment Royal Artillery at Kohima and Infal Corp Fred Noble (Tarzan) also cook.
hi . do these names mean anything to you. jack tollit, abraham. curly curshaw.if your dad is who i think he was. then my dad used to tell me how he use to crush down the rations to make biscuits.
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SwissMiss       11/11/2019 1:33:27 AM
My Dad was in the 136th (1st.W.Lancs) Field Regiment RA, Batterie 347. His name was William (a.k.a. Bill) Dunckley (Sgt.) Gunner. His best mate was Harold Goode who was also a Sgt. and possibly in signals. Both Bill and Harold were from Staffordshire, in the Rugeley and Cannock area. If these names ring any bells let me know. There is very little information on-line about this regiment but there was book published in the late 1980's called: 
The Rose and the Arrow - A life Story of 136th (1st. West Lancashire) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery 1939-1946 by G.W. Robertson. I ordered this book (second-hand) from Amazon UK last weekend, £29.00 plus delivery costs. The book contains illustrations, maps, and portraits, 338 pages. 
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