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Subject: Artillery in 2020-25 ...
drake88    6/21/2009 11:17:13 PM
I asked a related question about naval artillery in the surface forces board, but I'm wondering what near term changes we can expect to see for artillery. What will the state of artillery be in the 2020-2025 time frame? I assume/hope we'll have the capability to add GPS and laser guidance to just about anything by then. And the price point of things like Excalibur will be pushed down with tech advances. Will guided mortars be an especially useful development? I'd think so, but I'm no expert. I've read elsewhere about programs to add JDAM-like kits to mortar shells as future weapons for small UAVs. That's neat, but not really artillery. Of course, the biggest change might be if GPS-guided weapons get so cheap that they are used against us. Hopefully, the fledgling C-RAM shooting laser projects have come to fruition by then. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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