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Subject: Question about MLRS
leoinnyc    10/29/2003 8:49:22 AM
"The BAT submunition, manufactured by Northrop Grumman, is an unpowered glider which has acoustic sensors for target detection and infrared sensors for terminal guidance." Why acoustic sensors? Do the tanks have to be moving in order to be detected? How good is the discrimination between friend/foe? Are there other systems that use acoustic sensors this way (aside from mines)?
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macawman    RE:Question about MLRS   11/12/2003 11:26:42 AM
Interesting question: one would think that you already would have IDed the target before you fired. Ground vehicle IFF was a failure in the mid 90's because in testing it was found that tank gunners would fire on ANY TANK in front of them in simulated combat whether it had a friendly transponder or not. The test unit for this discovery was the 4th ID now Hqed in Tikrit. You can see why a combat zone is a very dangerous place. The US does have a flat screen secure commo system that displays were all tactical vehicles (with their radios on) are on the battlefield.
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macawman    RE:Question about MLRS   11/12/2003 11:35:24 AM
Correction: The US does have a flat screen secure commo/computer system that displays were all tactical vehicles (with their GPS on) are on the battlefield.
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palladin    RE:Question about MLRS   11/13/2003 11:13:58 AM
The good news is that BAT has been canceled by DOD. BAT was invented originaly to be carried by the defunct TSAM. When TSAM was canceled BAT got a ride on ATAMCS. The concept was to fly 13 BATs in ATACMS to engage one Soviet tank company. The acoustic sensors gave the BAT the general location of the target and then an IR sensor was used for end game. Great concept for the Fulda Gap. The reason BAT was canceled is because of reilability and cost.
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rocketpower    BAT is not canceled.   4/11/2004 10:19:01 PM
The BAT munition was not canceled. Our MLRS unit just got upgraded software for AFATDS (I am Fire Direction Sgt) to calculate fire missions for ATACMS block II and block IIa. The BAT has been upgraded to BAT P3I.
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rocketpower    RE:Question about MLRS   4/11/2004 10:25:22 PM
leoinnyc.... The BAT has NO Friend/Foe system. Good C3 and fire control systems are used to prevent fracticide. The BAT uses accoustics to begin guidance because most armor units have a secondary power unit running if not main engine even when in hide position. Also BAT can't be fooled by flares or fires on battlefield when using accoustic probe. Targets do NOT need to be moving. Original BAT needed moving targets. Currently fielded BAT P3I can engage hot/cold moving/stationary/dug in targets. The BAT is deployed either from ATACMS II missile (175km range, 13 BATs) or ATACMS IIa missile (300km range, 6 BATs).
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leoatwork    RE:Question about MLRS   4/12/2004 7:55:51 AM
LOL -- such an old post I completely forgot about it. Thanks for the answers.
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