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Subject: German Artillery Equipment
Carl S    2/10/2008 6:51:14 AM
posted here are some Greman charts and devices for computing artillery firing data. Anyone who can accuratly translate the text on these charts is begged for help.
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Carl S       2/11/2008 6:38:35 AM
Thanks for the response.  Be assured it is most helpfull

"your link doesnt work"

Not uncommon here on Strategy page.  I shouuld have posted the URL rather than 'link' as the numbers can be pasted into the address bar

"I found out that it was a thread for the axishistory forum, but i need the exact picture because there are a lot of them in the thread."

The photo you displayed is from the batch I'm interested in.  I'd been guessing that specific item had something to do with meterological corrections.  Most of the others are entirely beyond me.  Just knowing the purpose would be a large step ahead.

Thanks again for this and any other help you can provide.  In know there are one ot two other interested persons who will be taking a look at this on the Axis History Forum.  My interest is in collecting data for comparison of artillery techniques in the 20th Century.  
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