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Subject: No flowers by request
Vark    5/8/2002 1:57:22 PM
Time to sink a couple of cases of Chiliean red Allan they've just been scrapped the Crusader. I for one won't mourn, too heavy, too long to deploy etc but please let us have your views........Swede
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:No flowers by request   5/8/2002 4:12:56 PM
hey swede are you sure on this, i can't find anything.i really hope they didn't because it Will be a greatloss(this weight thing is like a commuist, intellectuly dishonest and moraly wrong)and i mean that, this weight "ala LAVIII " is going to be the undoing of a great many things, that would otherwise been of real help to the fighting man.......i have something coming up on this very subject in front of some people,who would most likely " like to end my job"....that's not going to happen,even if they think it is.but this weight issue is (and i'm making it one)is going to be a ball buster of a fight. This may call for me to open the LA PLAYA (chilian)cab,really good tannis, but must sit open in the decanter for at least a half an hour, ah what the hell i think the future of the nation defence is worth it!!!!!....let me know what you find swede......NOT happy Allan
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