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Subject: Dutch in Afg
neutralizer    5/9/2007 5:25:33 AM
Interesting report, the PzH2000 are moved everywhere on transporters. The metalled roads are too fragile and they smash them up, and moving on tracks smashes these as well which upsets the local farmers.
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Sabre       5/9/2007 8:17:15 AM
And that's fine.
It's not like it's a high intensity theatre of war... In a bigger war, they could just smash everything up, and no one would care (or should, for that matter).
I would still take a PzH 2000 over anything else out there.
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neutralizer       5/10/2007 5:11:17 AM
155mm has a role, so does 105, particularly if you are shooting close to own troops (and there's a lot of that in Afg, at least by the Brits).  It will be interesting to see how the 105/GMLRS mix works. 
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