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Subject: Artillery Unit    4/8/2001 8:43:27 AM
I'm trying to get some information on my grandfather's artillery unit in WW1. It is the 45th Artillery CAC. I don't know what CAC is unless it is Costal Artillery Command. It was stationed at Fort Dix, but the Fort Dix board gives no unit histories. Any help will be appreicated.
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:Artillery Unit   6/30/2002 2:12:51 PM
CAC was Coast Artillery Corps which handled harbor defenses as well as the heaviest guns the US Army took to Europe, and some mobile machine gun units intended for air defense. For 45th CAC in particular, see Looks like 45th Regt went to France but didn't get to the front lines.
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