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Subject: Regimental Fire Ex video
ArtyEngineer    9/6/2006 11:48:30 PM
Somebody is getting seriously F*cked up on the recieving end of this. For those who doubt that Artillery is the king of battle watch this!!!!! This is also a test post to see how the new format like embedded videos" flashvars="m=829566431&type=video&cp=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="430" height="346">
Get this video and more at
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Yimmy       9/7/2006 11:24:13 AM
Those shells seem to stay in the air forever... why are they illuminated on the IR?

And its a bit lacking in chivalry to be caled the King of Battle isn't it?

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ArtyEngineer       9/8/2006 2:00:57 AM
I actually mislabelled the post, this isnt footage from an excercise, apparently its from Iraq at the start of the current activities over there.  Im not sure what teh actual projectile is but the reason they show up so well on Night Vision could be that those are base bleed projectiles, alternately it could be just due to the fact that they have just been shot out of a tube where teh chamber temperature is several hundred degrees!!!!  The base of the projectile is gonna be pretty hot.
Chivalry be damned, artillery is KING!!!!!!  ;)
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Carl S    Regiment? Maye Not   9/10/2006 9:11:55 AM
Yes it looked to me like maybe two cannon sections, or maybe two firing positions with a pair each actually firing.   While the cannon firing may have been in two different battalions it would have made more sense to shoot the same number of rounds from all the cannon at once rather than dribble it out from just a few.  So I'm guessing these were from a single battery.  Of course there may be other circumstances.  If they were base bleed then only one battery in each battalion might have had them in its ammo train.  The parctice in the units I trained in was to keep the specialized ammo in a few batterys.

 If they were base bleed then I'd guess they were not ICM.  The light from the detonations on target looks like HE, not ICM.   Time of flight indicates extreme range.  I dont have a table for base bleed, so cant estimate what the range might be.   Ordinary HE shot by the M119a1 charge 8 has a base time of flight of 68.1 seconds at max range of 18,100 meters
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