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Subject: RailGuns And have they been creatied or used
GroundZero    7/3/2003 3:57:02 AM
The question I have has a man portable weapon of the type been creatied for use in the field or is it still on the drawing boards
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WinsettZ    RE:RailGuns And have they been creatied or used   7/5/2003 8:58:13 AM
Nope. Railguns used too much power, too large. As always, this doesn't even include minaturization, devising of maintainence programs, training of personnel to maintain a railgun, shielding to protect the magnetic rails from possible interference or degaussing or something evil like that. But the biggest one is the powerdrain. Unless someone wants to wire a fission plant or a farm of solar cells to the railgun. I dont have the penetration numbers for a railgun...probably 6-20 feet or something.
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