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Subject: foriegn LNOs
13FRET    6/8/2006 2:14:30 PM
A snapshot from the time I at the Fire Support Dept 86-89. Always one Brit, Canadian and Australian and perhaps an alternating slot from elsewhere. (Venezualan then); don't know if that slot was for South Americans or not. They were exchange officers, not exactly LNOs. But, Snow Hall cafeteria was a great place to see and talk to soldiers/marines from all over the world! I went through a short instructor training course that had a Turk, Chinese, 2 Sudanese, and a couple Arab officers enrolled; where else can you get that kind of experience?
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S-2    RE:foriegn LNOs   6/8/2006 2:43:10 PM
Over at Wpns. Dept. FAOAC course we had an Israeli and Egyptian LTCs going through at the same time. Interesting especially because it was a 1Lt/Cpt. course for us, and these two guys had both been in the Sinai in 1973. Crazy stuff. I had three Lebanese lieutenants in one of my FAOBC courses. Had dinner with them a couple of times. Real interesting, as well (1979)as Beirut was getting ripped apart by Syrians, phalangists, Druse, PLO, and Shia militias. Their poor little army didn't stand a chance. Two muslims and a christian. All ADORED Adolf Hitler! THAT was strange for me to deal with-so I didn't. Made good friends with a really neat Kenyan officer, who'd talk about fighting poachers up on the Tanzanian border. Sill was a surprisingly neat place.
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