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Subject: Record Range
Roman    4/21/2006 12:11:12 AM
G6 self-propelled gun achieves range record By Helmod Römer-Heitman JDW Correspondent Cape Town The Denel G6-52L 155 mm self-propelled gun (SPG) has set a new range record for artillery systems, firing V-LAP (Velocity - enhanced Long range Artillery Projectile) projectiles to a range of 75 km with a probable error of 0.38 per cent in range, 0.58 mil in azimuth at a muzzle velocity of 1,030 m/s. The G6-52L is the latest development of the G5 towed and G6 self-propelled guns, but with a 52 calibre-length barrel. The same ordnance is mounted in an autonomous turret for tank-based SPGs and is used as the basis for an air-transportable truck-mounted system. The V-LAP projectile uses both base-bleed and rocket assistance to reach its extended ranges. The rocket motor is initiated when the projectile is near apogee, considerably enhancing its effect on the range that can be achieved. According to Bastiaan Verhoek, executive manager at Denel Land Systems Lyttleton (DLS Lyttleton), the DLS is working on further improving accuracy and consistency at extreme ranges by using range-correcting fuzes. 163 of 379 words [End of non-subscriber extract.]
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