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Subject: M777
Smoke WP    4/9/2006 4:49:20 PM
Can anyone here provide a brief description on how to handle a mis-fire?
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Carl S    RE:M777   4/9/2006 9:21:27 PM
If you mean the cannon failed to fire at all: From memory, trigger it at least twice more, if no result wait a specified number of minutes and change the primer cartridge. If that fails, wait another specified time, then open the breech. If it is really important I can go look up my safety reg. from the previous decade. Which may or may not be obsolete. Back in the olden days on Okinawa we had two M110 remaining the 12th Marines. The firing locks were so worn that they had to be triggered just so. Tug the laynard a hair wrong & the thing wouldnt fire. One bad day I saw one of them triggered about twenty time before it hit the primer.
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Smoke WP    RE:M777   4/10/2006 11:06:59 AM
Reason for the question, I am a retired Canadian gunner, I was wondering how safe a mis-fire on the M777 is compared to the M109.
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Carl S    RE:M777   4/10/2006 1:49:32 PM
Best not be asking other retired guys then. ; )
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ArtyEngineer    RE:M777 - Smoke   4/10/2006 9:50:25 PM
I will answer any and all your queries regarding the M777 when I get a spare minute. I should be able to post teh misfire procedure from the operators manual as I have worked out how to get from PDF format to jpg format and hence onto the web via photobucket picture hosting site. However am really really busy at the mo, so be patient ;)
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Smoke WP    RE:M777   4/13/2006 1:33:16 PM
Is there a web site or printed material available that could answer my many questions about the Triple7
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ArtyEngineer    RE:M777 - Smoke   4/14/2006 6:46:42 PM
Most web stuff is either innacurate or totally out of date, however I have been involved with the design development and test of the weapon system for the last 5 years, and am currently responsible for integration and final acceptance testing before hand off to the US Marines, so I feel that I am reasonably well qualified to answer any questions you may have. If I aint, then I dont know who is ;). Will post the misfire procedure it a bit.
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ArtyEngineer    RE:M777 Misfire Procedures   4/14/2006 7:34:32 PM
From Operators manual, mis fire procedures for various tube conditions.">">">">

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Smoke WP    RE:M777 Misfire Procedures   4/15/2006 1:30:54 PM
Thank you very much for the information. TWD, is that a measuring device for checking tube temperature and if so is it mounted on the gun. TWD is short for? Please forgive my many questions, as a retired gunner I am still interested in keeping up on new weapons.
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ArtyEngineer    RE:M777 Misfire Procedures   4/15/2006 1:42:43 PM
Yep, TWD stands for Thermal Warning Device, and is permenantly mounted to the tube.
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Smoke WP    RE:M777 Misfire Procedures   4/16/2006 7:51:24 AM
I am thinking that since none of the guns I have worked with had TWD, the M777 barrel is proned to heat up faster than we are accustomed to.
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