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Subject: Liquified Gas propellant artillery patent
reefdiver    2/24/2006 7:41:57 PM
Below is a simple abstract from a patent I noticed at: Does it make sense? #20050011507 - Projectile firing device using liquified gas propellant Rifle (1) comprises barrel (2) and loading means (15) for introducing a projectile from magazine (7) into breech (4). The projectile is propelled by a compressed gas propellant initially stored as a liquid in canister (10). The liquid is heated to a super critical state in chamber (8) by heating element (12) to induce a phase change such that the liquid becomes a highly dense gas. The phase change from liquid to gas provides the energy required to expel the projectile at high velocity from rifle (1), regardless of the ambient temperature. The propellant is preferably CO2 which is heated to 31.06° C. Rifle (1) produces minimal noise and no heat signature, making it suitable for military and stealth purposes. A pistol and launchers for grenades or mortar bombs are also disclosed. Another version can launch low earth orbit satellites or payloads.
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flamingknives    RE:Liquified Gas propellant artillery patent   2/25/2006 7:07:00 AM
Feasible, I suppose, although the resevoir, propellant feed and chamber would have to maintain better than 5 bar pressure to keep the CO2 liquid. The question that remains is can you supply enough energy to vapourise enough gas to do the job. As for the claim of minimal noise, you're going to get plenty of noise if you can propel a projectile up to rifle speeds (mach 3 or so)
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Carl S    RE:Liquified Gas propellant artillery patent   2/26/2006 5:43:10 PM
My initial reaction is this is one of those 'research' companies that files patents based on spurious engineering. The idea is not to develop or sell anying usefull but rather to block others efforts until they pay for the patent. Sort of legal extortion. One indicator is if the 'research' company is owned by a lawfirm or lawyers. Hopefully I'm wrong here.
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ArtyEngineer    RE:Liquified Gas propellant artillery patent   2/27/2006 10:01:58 AM
Having read the patent in its entirety the science behind is feasable, however practical application may be another matter, for use in the artillery field generating an instantaneous chamber pressure of up to 56000 psi to be comparable to the current artillery charge systems will be difficult. It will be much more feasable for small arms applications.
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