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Subject: PGMM Excaliburs and GMLRs little brother.
jarkeld    2/15/2006 6:25:42 PM Seems the test were just areodynamic tests of PGMMs shape not guided tests of a functional system but it points to GMLR and Excalibur haveing company soon.
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neutralizer    RE:PGMM Excaliburs and GMLRs little brother.   2/25/2006 6:46:21 AM
The current IDR has an interesting roundup on guided projectiles. It starts with Copperhead, then moves on to the Russian Krasnopol series (152 and 155mm introduced in 1987, a few km more range than Copperhead), states its in service with Russia, China, India and Ukraine and trialled in France and S Africa. It briefly references a second Russian producer (Ametech) and their Santimetr series and a Ukrainian design Kvitnyk. European efforts are on 'fire and forget' 155mm designs. The Impaqt consortium (Bofors, Giat, MBDA and QinetQ) are currently developing demonstrators for France (60 km and 2 BONUS sub-munitions) and UK (100km and 3 BONUS). BONUS is a French/Swedish sensor fuzed munition like SADARM. Both use a combined inertial & GPS guidance system. Range enhancements to 150km are expected as are unitary payloads. Meanwhile Oto melara are developing Vulcano for Italy and Spain, there also seems to be Dutch involvement. Its expected to achieve 80km, a 127mm version about 70 km. Payload seems to be unitary. BAE/Bofors are part of the Excalibur consortium with Raytheon and expect to achieve 60km with Excalibur from Archer.
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