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Subject: Artillery for Light Troops
Thomas    6/11/2003 5:24:12 AM
On the infantry board, there is a discussion of the future of light infantry. On the armour board there is a discussion of the future (if any) of the Light tank. To complement these discussion in the spirit of combined arms: What sort of artillery should go with Light troops. It should be airportable. It should be "resupplyable". It should be able to operate under the conditions of the Light Infantry. Any thoughts?
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Shaka of Carthage    RE:Artillery for Light Troops   6/11/2003 12:55:08 PM
Truck propelled Artillery. The French have developed something called CEASAR, or something like that. Remember, this is not "towed", this is self propelled, except its a truck. Meets the requirements of air transportability, resupplyable and can operate with Infantry (what you guys are calling Light Infantry... sorry old habits die hard). Its also a perfect compliment to LAV/Strikyer units.
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god of war    RE:Artillery for Light Troops   6/11/2003 6:34:49 PM
an idea for light artillary would be airstrikes from A10s or helicopters and mortars in modified strykers. we want to keep it LIGHT.
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Shaka of Carthage    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... god of war   6/11/2003 7:19:50 PM
A10 or helios are not always available, but agree they should be around and used. The mortar issue is a tricky one. 120mm mortar round will cause the same bang as a 105mm arty tube. Problem is, you can't fit one in a modified stryker or LAV. They've tried. 81mm is not worth it, since they can be carried if need be. If they could fit a 120mm mortar, then I would be asking for a 155mm mortar.
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lasertech    RE:Artillery for Light Troops   6/12/2003 7:20:58 AM
There already is a LAV with a 120mm mortar available. Delco Defense systems builds a turret with a Royal Ordnance 120mm breech-loaded mortar with a full fire control system. The system is mounted on a GM Defense LAV hull. The Saudi National Guard purchased about 120 of these systems.
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Horse Soldier    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... god of war   6/12/2003 7:32:43 AM
According to the recently released Stryker FMs, the company mortar section will use vehicle mounted 120mm mortars, but also have 60mm mortars available for conducting dismounted operations like infiltrations.
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11b10    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... god of war   6/12/2003 8:14:16 AM
Are the 120 mms at company level something new.I don't remember our Charlies having any thing that heavy in our weapons Platoon.Could have used them though.
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Shaka of Carthage    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... horse soldier   6/12/2003 8:46:46 AM
Since they have fitted a 120mm in there, why can't they make it a 155mm mortar? Just change out the tube right?
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Shaka of Carthage    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... Ceasar   6/23/2003 7:30:13 AM
There is a strategypage blurb about Ceasar, which gives some numbers backing the reasons I gave in my first response. Let me make a prediction about what those trials will find. The concept will be accepted, but there will be problems with the way the French have it designed. Or it won't fit the US requirements totally. Either way, this will be the justification for the US to develop its own system (by reverse engineering the French design) and making "improvements". The result will be an almost indentical system based on a US truck. It will cost more, but it will be proven "superior" to the French system. Lets call it the "MacArthur". Any unit in the US Army or Marines that has towed artillery will be replaced by MacArthur systems. It will be a big hit on the export market and some will buy it as a "cheap" alternative to SP Artillery.
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Thomas    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... Ceasar   6/23/2003 7:45:58 AM
And get stuck in the mud, without the appropiate CAS aircraft to rectify the situation!
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jlb    RE:Artillery for Light Troops ... Ceasar : Shaka   6/23/2003 12:24:50 PM
Or they'll just buy the license, as was done for the M256 gun, Durandal runway cratering bomb, M9 pistol, or the Canberra bomber ages ago...
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