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Subject: M777 for ArtyEngineer
gigimar    4/3/2005 9:33:13 AM
I won't somebody lose his job for a simple discussion but I don't believe this probleme about principle of function for this mechanism can create troubles! OK I AM A NAIVE MAN!
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ArtyEngineer    RE:M777 for ArtyEngineer   4/3/2005 1:53:39 PM
I was half joking about losing my job, but giving out government controlled technical info could get me into serious trouble. Unless there is a Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) between respective governments I could be in violation of export regulations and several other agencies rules of the spread of technical data. However if you want to provide me with a list of specific question regarding this weapon system I will be more than happy to answer them for you. I believe you expressed an interest in the recoil system? Firstly it is a gas over hydraulic system. If you look at the pictures of the M777 you will see a large cylinder mounted centrally over the tube on top of the cradle. This is the Recoil Accumulator Cylinder. It is the interface between the Hydraulic and Gas sides of the system. The font part of the Cylinder is the Gas (Nitrogen)side. The Upper cradle tube also form part of the Gas resevoir. The rear side is the Hydraulic side. The cannon is connected to two Recoil Buffers, Upon recoil oil is forced up into the recoil accumulator from the buffers throu two transfer tubes. The actual retardation of the recoiling force is cause by variable porting weithin the recoil buffer. Known as pepper pot recoil cylinders. The function of the nitrogen pressure is simply to return the canno to battery. It is actually possible to fire a top charge through tthe M777 with no nitrogen pressure within the system, no damage will occur, the cannon will simply stay out of battery. Not sure how true this is of other artillery recoil systems, Neutraliser could probably enlighten me to this. Maximum recoil length firing top charge, MACS Zone 5 or M203A1 is 1400 mm. The Muzzle brake actaully reduces the recoil force going through the weapons trunnions by approxim,ately 30%. It is possible to make muzzle brakes even more efficient, but the blast over pressure zone would them possibly envelope crew poswitions with considerable detriment to the operating personnel. There is a further component on the M777 called the scavenge system which harnesses recoiling energy to operate the breech and loading tray system, plus flick rammer if we ever get round to putting one on the system. Hope this helps
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