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Subject: US artillery order
Heorot    3/25/2005 6:10:27 AM
Bae has got an order from the US for new artillery. "MAR. 24 8:59 A.M. ET Defense contractor BAE Systems PLC said Thursday that it received a $834 million full production contract to supply the Army and Marines with more lightweight howitzer cannons. Under the contract, BAE will manufacture 495 M777A1 howitzers, a more lightweight version of the present M198 towed howitzer, over the next four years. The 155 millimeter artillery piece is used by Marine Air Ground Task Forces and Army Stryker Brigade Combat Teams. The M777A1 is about 7,000 pounds lighter than the M198 due to titanium components, making it easier to transport, the company said. BAE received a low rate initial production contract in November 2002 to manufacture 94 of the lightweight howitzers. These artillery pieces will get upgraded digital fire control systems as part of the full production contract. Additionally, BAE expects to integrate its Excalibur precision-guided projectile with the M777A1 by 2006. The Excalibur makes the M777A1 accurate to within 10 meters from as far away as 40 kilometers."
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ArtyEngineer    RE:US artillery order   3/25/2005 1:52:07 PM
Excalibur isnt BAE's, its Raytheon. Regarding the order, believe its actually for more howitzers than anticipated, even with the renewed production of the M119. Can anybody think of a mountainous area where air mobile artillery might be usefull to stop human waves of conscript infantry? Where is the US plnning on going next !!!!
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skrip00    RE:US artillery order   3/25/2005 8:59:25 PM
actually, BAE is the main contractor for production.
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ArtyEngineer    RE:US artillery order   3/26/2005 12:47:22 PM
Yes, for the M777, Not the XM 982 Excalibur round.
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neutralizer    RE:US artillery order   3/28/2005 7:18:45 AM
"M777A1 howitzers, a more lightweight version of the present M198 towed howitzer", seems to be a whole new meaning to the word "version".
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ArtyEngineer    RE:US artillery order   3/28/2005 9:25:29 AM
Indeed, dont know what BAE marketing type prepared that press release. Suspect they have never seen the M777 never mind a M198!!!!
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