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Subject: New Fuzes
sandbagger    3/10/2005 4:20:33 PM
Did anyone else catch that article in Defense Daily that mentioned something about United Defense developing a course correcting fuze for 105 and 155mm cannons? Here's an excerpt from the article: "A United Defense [UDI]-led team recently unveiled a Course Correcting Fuze (CCF) that could make existing 155mm and 105mm cannon artillery ammunition at least three times more accurate, company officials said. This website has some more info on the fuze: Thoughts?
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neutralizer    RE:New Fuzes   3/11/2005 12:22:18 AM
Various bodies in various countries have been 'unveiling' fuzes with various forms of course correction for 5 - 10 years. Basically if it's limited to flight controls that can be fitted to a fuze the options are fairly limited! The general approach is to aim too far and use spoilers controlled by a system that matches where the shell should be with where it is (GPS input) to reduce the range to bring the shell onto the target. At long ranges it will undoubtedly reduce the PEr and probably improve accuracy a bit (accuracy isn't a big problem if you have modern met systems, MV radars and reasonable ballistic data and models).
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doggtag    RE:New Fuzes   3/11/2005 1:14:36 AM
I saw a few conceptual designs that featured both a pair of flick-out fins in a nose section, similar to Stinger or RAM, and a few featuring a gimballed ring, similar to a Paveway LGB. These were not completely different PGMs: they were fuzing/guidance&control system concept demonstrators that were supposed to screw into the forward section of standard shells, to prove what the technologies could achieve. I don't recall any information about how much more accurate they were. If I can remember where I saw them, I'll try and post a link (this was US DoD-released stuff, not something from Janes or other news source.)
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