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Subject: On: new Arty shells
lastdingo    10/31/2002 6:53:12 AM
I thought the IR illumination round was already available... The course-correction by radio command method is already used by an israeli development for MRL ammo - this method needs some form of tracking and in practice only eliminates the self-destructing first rocket which was usually launched to determine the wind effects.
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norden    RE:On: new Arty shells   10/31/2002 1:44:32 PM
We have IR mortar rnds, why not rocket. This could be sphincter talk, but I thought some of the new (tested) rockets were self-correcting with GPS.
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palladin    RE:On: new Arty shells   11/8/2003 8:13:02 AM
I am sure that there is a 120mm IR round compatible with 2nd. Gen NVDs; not sure about arty illum.
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