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Subject: PGMM
mvolli    3/3/2005 5:58:44 AM
Is there anyone who knows where to find info on different guided mortar rounds? I have plenty of info on the US PGMM program and alot about STRIX but can't seem to find any on the rheinmetall 120mm HE-L and the discontinued programs on MERLIN, GRIFFIN and AQUILA...
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Texastillidie    RE:PGMM   4/10/2005 10:03:42 PM
This is all I could find. Name: Merlin Guidance: Millimeter-wave, terminally-guided Caliber: 81mm Company: British Aerospace Dynamics Division, in cooperation with Thomas Brandt Armaments of France Range 8000 meters Country: UK When: Cancelled in the mid-1990’s Name: Griffin Guidance: Millimeter-wave, terminally-guided Caliber: 120mm Company: Country: Project was international When Name: Aquila Guidance: Millimeter-wave, terminally-guided Caliber: 120mm Company: Country: French project When See: And: Jane's Information Group, "DMS Market Intelligence Report," Ordnance and Munitions Forecast, August 1995, Generic Sense and Destroy Armor Submunition section. Foss, Chris F. "Merlin Development Still on Line." Jane's Defence Weekly, (26 Nov. 1988), 1349.
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