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Subject: Airborne Gunners
ArrowGuns    1/27/2005 11:55:28 PM
I recently read about this regiment in the Indian Army. They are air-dropped behind enemy lines, they carry broken up kits of 150 mm arti guns, they assemble them and do what the artillery does. Is this a standard feature in Artillery units of major armies?
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neutralizer    RE:Airborne Gunners   1/28/2005 4:21:58 AM
It's news that the Indian Army uses 150mm guns. They do use FH77B 155mm, disassembling one of these big beasts and then re-assemblintg it in a DZ would be an interesting task involving heavy equipment almost as big as the gun. It seems a bit unlikely, even if they had a stripped down gun with the hydraulic loading and ramming systems removed. Perhaps they also have some old Soviet 152mm that are rather smaller old and smaller 155mm from wherever. I don't think anybody else bothers to drop such things, not even the Russians who have been the biggest airborne forces with the heaviest equipment. In the nearish future expect to see M777 users para dropping them (in one piece). India also have 105mm, basically a clone of the UK L118 Light Gun, which can definitely be dropped in one piece. I'd guess this story is 40+ years old, and refers to Indian use of the 105mm Pack Howitzer that was designed to break down into mule loads, this means it could have been dropped in pieces by small aircraft instead of one piece by bigger ones (which is what the other para users of this gun did). Forget anything significant about 'behind enemy lines', that's the only place you drop, otherwise you drive (or come ashore).
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FA Light Fighter    RE:Airborne Gunners   1/30/2005 8:59:29 AM
The US has11 firing batterys (3 battalions and 2 separate batterys) that jump M119 105mm (the US version of the L118 howitzer). There is also a battalion that jumps the M198 155mm. Theoretically, if required, the other units that aren't on parachute status but equipped with the same weapons could jump them, but it would take a lot of prep, and I don't see the utility, since the troopers are not qualified to jump behind them.
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ArrowGuns    ATTN: Neutralizer & FA Light Fighter: My mistake   1/30/2005 12:26:09 PM
The Indian Army's Airborne Gunners use 105 mm Indian Light Field Gun. The source for this was the Indian Republic Day Parade report. Thank you both for your information. Would appreciate if you could point me to some sites that has photos, history, past and recent operations of Airborne Gunners units. Not necessarily Indian, US or any other armed forces will be good.
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neutralizer    RE:ATTN: Neutralizer & FA Light Fighter: My mistake   1/31/2005 4:38:37 AM
The reference implying that they drop their guns in something other than one piece is weird. Doesn't make any sense with that gun. Still the claim about 'oldest mounted regt' could also get a bit of debate! If you want to join start here
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