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Subject: Guns Not Yet Obsolete    11/28/2001 2:15:37 AM
Rocket fire en masse is good for long- and very long- range assaults, but at short ranges grunts need the bunker and pillbox penetrating power of conventional shells. The day is coming when those armed, above-ground floating, all-terrain "smart"/"brilliant" recon/battle droids from the original STAR WARS Trilogy will be battlefield reality. Advances in above ground low-to-medium alt maglev, airlev/cushion, and VTOL propulsion technologies,etc. will make it so, as part of the new concepts of battlefield- and aerospace-dominance concepts of warfighting in the new century. Tanks will fly and float, as well as roll out over ground. I have always believed the Army and Congress made a mistake in cancelling the SADARM and other futuristic projects.
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