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Subject: IBCT & the Towed 155MM
1/18th    8/26/2002 10:38:29 AM
Well it seems that all of the "lessons learned"on the performance of towed artillery never made it into the decision process for the selection of indirect fire support for the IBCT. Also,according to the latest GAO report ,the towed artillery piece for the IBCT has performed poorly and its intro date has slipped another two years till 2007 or later. So the IBCT is now without a direct fire support (105MM LAV) until 2005 and no indirect fire support other than mortars until 2007. On that note, it seems that the 120mm mortar may not fit in the Stryker. Since, the boys at Ft Lewis are supposed to be first to go, we are really putting them in harms way without the tools to do the job.
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Goknub    RE:IBCT & the Towed 155MM    9/25/2002 11:57:09 PM
They're fitting 120mm mortars onto ASLAVs so I would have thought the Stryker wouldn't have any problems.
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Hogwood    RE:IBCT & the Towed 155MM    11/9/2002 7:02:28 AM
Is the 105 to lite on the far end for todays battle field. The amphibs how.6 hits a higher quadrent and has an automatic vertical breach. I beleave the gun itself is the unit that's used in the AC-130 aircraft. If the 105 is OK slap a How-6 360 degree turret on top of a LAV.
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Maple Leaf    RE:IBCT & the Towed 155MM    4/18/2003 2:02:09 PM
I was thinking the same thing. Why not a 105mm on a LAV? I also just read somewhere that the 120mm mortar doesn't fit in the LAV and has been reduced to an 81mm mortar. What about the 120mm turret LAV mortar system with breech-loading round that was delivered to the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Take a look at the LAV-155mm Light SPH that I mentioned on the previous top "120mm mortar vs. 105mm howitzer". It is a prototype British design. The first prototype is to be delivered this year or next. It is fully automated with a crew of three and about 40 rounds on board. The only down fall I see is because of the weight the 8x8 LAV-III or LAV-IV only has a speed of something like 50 km/h instead of the usual 100-110 km/h.
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WinsettZ    RE:IBCT & the Towed 155MM    7/31/2003 12:47:03 PM
The IBCT is pretty light anyways, so the "too light" argument might become moot.
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B.Smitty    RE:IBCT & the Towed 155MM    7/31/2003 6:37:47 PM
I wonder if any turreted system on a LAV-III will fit in a C-130 (to the USAF's satisfaction)? I've seen pics of a LAV-III/25mm turret offloading a C-130. But doesn't the Stryker's RWS need to be lowered before loading? And doesn't the Stryker/MGS have the same problem?
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