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Subject: The United States should protect the Ivory Coast from France
American Kafir    11/8/2004 11:16:10 AM
Quietly, if necessary. Boldly, if practical. It'd be a shame if some American accidently e-mailed the Ivorian military some commercially-available real-time satellite images of French military positions.
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Ander320    RE:The United States should protect the Ivory Coast from France   11/8/2004 11:28:41 AM
You can do it. No problem, our position are already publicly well known and your satellite image wouldn't change anything to the Ivorian military knowledge. try something else...
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scholar    RE:The United States should protect the Ivory Coast from France   11/8/2004 11:36:06 AM
The thing is, AK, that there are US Spec Ops guys in Africa as part of the Pan-Sahel Initiative who are largely dependent on French intel and French good will. Getting into a tit-for-tat with the French in Africa is a BAD IDEA. They are helping us fight the war on terror there. We are allies.
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American Kafir    RE:The United States should protect the Ivory Coast from France   11/8/2004 12:37:30 PM
*spit* France hasn't been an ally of America since the 1770s. We shouldn't be there to protect the French after they continually cover for border-crossing Francafrique rebels and gun down Ivorians and destroy the Ivorian air force. The only thing tragic about the Ivorian airstrike on the French is that it accidently killed an American and that no one caught the strike on video for our entertainment. It's 2004. France granted independence to the Ivory Coast 44 years ago. Why are they still meddling there?
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vincent    RE:The United States should protect the Ivory Coast from France   11/8/2004 12:56:43 PM
French army is here to prevent one half of the Ivory coast people to murder the other half while the country collapse in a huge civil war like in Liberia and Sierra Leone! We don't want this country wich is very important for the economical and political stability of west Africa to be destroyed by war. More : we are here with a UN mission to protect peace with "blue helmets" soldiers from several african countries. (Unlike US in Irak) Since we are in Ivory Coast 2 French soldiers have been killed by northern rebels and 9 by southern government army. Many other were injured.
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vincent    To American Kafir   11/8/2004 1:01:10 PM
We, French don't want to make like US : you craeted Liberia and you let them fighting to death in their ravaging country for years. Are you proud of it? At least we, Frenc, try to do something to avoid a civil war. Your "blablabla" French bashing is pityfull.
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scholar    Vincent   11/8/2004 1:08:10 PM
Of course, the number of Ivorians who were killed by French colonists in the past 200 years is unknown.... I don't really know who created Liberai other than the business about freed slaves, but I don't think there was ever an American occupation. It was more a case of American blacks colonizing local blacks, backed not by the US government but by American-based anti-slavery societies. But I really don't know.
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scholar    In Africa we are allies, AK   11/8/2004 1:12:05 PM
Do some google searches for the Pan-Sahel Initiative. US and French assets have been collaborating fruitfully to track Al Qaida and Salafist terrorists. They worked together, for instance, to push some Algerian terrorists out of Mali and all the way to Chad, where they were met and killed by Chadian soldiers. And in Africa it's the French who call the shots. The CIA is a bunch of amateurs in Africa compared to the French. I have no doub that the French could arragne to have some terrorists kill American troops if they cared too. They don't, but in your scenario they'd suddenly have motivation. Even if the French simply decided to stop helping us in Africa, we'd be in big trouble. We can't fight the WOT there without them.
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Yimmy    RE:In Africa we are allies, AK   11/8/2004 1:19:39 PM
Thanks for the entertaining post American Kafir, I got a good laugh out of it..
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PlatypusMaximus    Act of War    11/8/2004 1:38:59 PM
Hmmm. I'm going to entertain a wild guess and say muslims are behind the violence. You know damn well the media didn't tell me so.
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french stratege    Gold medal for AK!   11/8/2004 1:46:13 PM
AK won the French basher prize! A nice achievement knowing effort you made to write on this site while contributing to Will you imagine Iraqis using French AT missiles or Mistral smuggled by unkown channels...Iran and North Korea equiped with top new radars, Aster 30 like missiles etc.. We help US in Afganistan and knowing US level in human intelligence in muslim world, I think you benefit of us more than we to you!
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