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Subject: France against Thabo Mbeki's mediation in the Ivory Coast
abidjan    8/25/2005 2:26:58 PM
Why would France try everything to stop the mediation led by President Mbeki? In fact, President Mbeki chosen by the African community, has asked the rebels to disarm in order for free elections to take place october 30; after the actuel government accepted adjustments asked by rebels. Such decision does not work for France. Chirac wants to stop the elections by all means. In fact, Gbagbo being on the way to win the elections will be a pain for the french government led by Mr Chirac. France overwhelmingly exploits the Ivory Coast wealth. And the current Ivorian government is more likely to be open the rest of the world; which is considered as a "sin" to the "master" of the former colony.
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